How patients have got ready for surgery

Building confidence and living a better life

Exercise and getting out more is helping a busy grandparent get ready for surgery.

After living an inactive lifestyle, the patient became isolated and could not do the things they wanted to in everyday life. Now, the patient is enjoying daily exercise and meeting new friends. They were referred by the Waiting Well programme to a physiotherapist and regular fitness class.

The patient can do more household jobs, go out more and work towards a healthy body weight. Everyday life is easier, and they can cope better looking after their grandchildren. Pain is lower on those busy days.

They have more confidence and are proud of what they have done so far.¬†Meeting other people and doing exercise sessions has improved the patient’s health and confidence. They can get out more and see people, something they could rarely do before the Waiting Well service helped them.

With no family, friends or local support, a patient from Bangladesh was struggling to support his family while waiting for surgery.

With two children and a pregnant partner, Mr Mohammed could not do his job before the operation. He was struggling with money. He was unable to pay the bills or buy food or baby items.

As he waited for his hernia operation, Mr Mohammed was not getting sick pay. He was told he could lose his job unless he did 15 working hours a week.

The Waiting Well programme helped the family get support and services from over 20 organisations. They got financial help, health care, social care, a home assessment, and food bank vouchers. They also got support with clothing and fuel, baby equipment, free school meals and Christmas presents for the children.

Thanking the programme Mr Mohammed said:

I am speechless! I have never had support like this before. They helped me with my problems and found a way to fix them.

Small things made a big difference for a patient getting ready for orthopaedic surgery.

The patient was sent to the Waiting Well programme. Before, they did not do much physical activity. The service helped them join their local leisure centre. This was good to get them moving, but it also helped them to see more people. Going to sessions helped them build confidence. Now they swim regularly.

As well as the support provided, the patient also saw further benefits of the programme through weight loss and a lower BMI.

The Waiting Well service also gave the patient equipment. A walking stick, a shower stool and other bathroom equipment make their daily life and mobility more manageable.

Small steps taken by health professionals have had a big impact on the patient, who has become more independent in their own home.

Since being sent to the service, the patient has had their operation and is getting better..

Before your intervention I thought I just wanted to die, now I realise life is worth living

said one patient helped by the Waiting Well team.

With bad pain, mental health struggles and the loss of their mother, the patient was feeling very lonely. They were sent to the Waiting Well programme while getting ready for surgery.

The patient had a small appetite due to constant pain that also caused sickness and diarrhoea. This made the patient reluctant to leave home. They were worried about finding public toilets. They lost contact with friends, making their mental health and wellbeing worse.

The programme helped the patient get different medication to control pain levels. It also helped them get counselling and go to the local befriending service.

The patient has now had their operation and has a new outlook on life. They have reconnected with old friends and are interested in going to more community groups.

After years suffering with knee problems, being introduced to the gym has helped Kay better manage her pain and wellbeing as she prepares for her upcoming surgery.

Watch Kay’s story below: